Summer Education Camp
SETT’s Summer Education Camp is an eight week program that uses unique and highly effective means to address a specific and continuing community need:

High-risk youth, ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs) intervention and prevention during the summer non-school hours (Monday – Friday 8am – 3pm).  As such, SETT recruits, educates and trains Summer Education Camp students ages 11 to 17 from area schools and the community; qualifying them to participate in and convey accurate and relevant information about substance abuse, violence prevention, community resources, and developmental opportunities to 10,000 other high-risk youth.  An important part of SETT’s Summer Education Camp is to mobilize parents, churches, media, schools, professionals, and youth-serving agencies to assist in training these Summer Camp Teen Peer Educators and provide the outreach information to a large and diverse at-risk audience.  Breakfast and lunch is provided. Our culturally sensitive and specific information is designed to raise awareness, provide information, change attitudes, and modify negative and destructive behaviors. Simply, SETT’s Summer Education Camp objective is to impact the ever-widening subculture of Toledo’s neglected children.

SOUL (School of Urban Life)

A research-based violence prevention model for Junior High and Middle School Students

Violence is a serious community health issue in the Toledo inner city that should concern everyone. In the 2000-2001 school year, the Jr. and Sr. high suspention rate for females was 19.8% vs. the state average of 6.3%; for males it was 30.7% vs. the state average of 12.5%. Many of these suspensions were related to VATOD offences. Staff members of the Self Expression Teen Theater met with Toledo Public School teachers and the School of Urban Life (SOUL) Project was developed.

In School

SOUL’s goal is to educate and explore, with all 8th grade students, the root causes of violence and help them understand and recognize dangerous situations. Students receive a 12-week curriculum implemented by the SOUL staff during their regularly schedueled health classes. The curriculum includes:

  • How the media markets violence
  • Didactic presentations based on media coverage of Violence in Toledo
  • Male/Female socialization into a culture of violence
  • Gang violence

Sessions are designed to counteract aggressive behavior and self-abuse that creates problems in their interpersonal relationships at home, school, and in the community.

After School

The SOUL After School Project promotes non-violent norms and healthy lifestyles recruiting, educating, and training at risk students from the target schools, and the community ages 11 to 17, to serve as Teen Violence Prevention Educators/Performers.

In this capacity, they perform social dramas to provide violence prevention, conflict resolution, decision-making and peer conflict resolution mediation sessions to thousands of other at-risk students.


Become part of Toledo's only teen-directed community theater. Show your pride. Earn respect. Teach others.


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