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What is Sett

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What is SETT?

SETT stands for Self Expression Teen Theater, a troupe of teen actors who also function as peer educators and counselors.

On stage and off, SETT members help focus on the problems and pressures faced by teens as they confront the challenges that lead to adulthood.

SETT offers a holistic approach to family life education. Rather than merely urging young people to “Just Say No!” to premature sexual activity, drug and alcohol abuse, and other destructive choices, members help their peers explore a vast range of positive choices—to activities, attitudes and adventures that invite a hearty and promising “YES!” response.

Effective and continuing communication is what SETT seeks to foster in all young people, inviting them to get involved—with families, in church and school, with each other. Organized in 1986, SETT draws its members from Toledo-area schools through open auditions that are publicized throughout the area. Actors, ages 11-17, represent a wide range of backgrounds.

Training for troupe members is intensive, covering not only the performing arts but also human biology, psychology, self-defense, community resources, goal-setting and general development of types of knowledge and skills that allow people to take charge of their lives creatively.

A SETT Performance lasts about 45 minutes and consists of approximately ten skits that depict real-life situations teens face frequently, such as: teen pregnancy, pressures to have sex, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, difficulties in communicating with parents and peers, acquaintance rape, isolation, alienation, and suicide. Most skits are written by the teen actors themselves. Some are humorous, others depict pain, fear, or confusion. All are designed to generate thoughtful talk about needs and feelings.

Following each performance, the actors invite the audience to question, comment on, and offer resolutions to some of the problems portrayed. Because most SETT performances are arranged for audiences of 50-100 teens, their parents, and teachers, spectators quickly become participants as ideas are explored.

SETT provides ongoing educational resources to help adults and teens use the program as a catalyst for ongoing communication. Both consulting services and an operations manual are available to those who would like to establish their own SETT troupes


Become part of Toledo's only teen-directed community theater. Show your pride. Earn respect. Teach others.


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