Don’t take our word for it. The real success of SETT is in the people who’ve lived it:

SETT Member since 2009:
“I really like being a member of SETT. I joined last year when it seemed like I was always getting into trouble at school, at home, and in my neighborhood. Nothing was going right. My friend asked me to come to SETT to see the type of fun they have and some of the things that they learn. I didn’t want to learn anything and I didn’t want to meet anyone new, but I went anyway. On my first day we were talking about abuse and the different types of abuse. I never heard that before. I thought the speakers were funny and they could relate to what teens were going through. I asked if I could bring some of my other friends because I think they should see what we do, too. My mom tells me that my attitude has changed since I joined SETT. My teachers are saying the same thing. I don’t know about that, all I know is that I’m having fun being myself, staying in school, and out of trouble. By the way, I want to become a doctor, that way I can help others just like SETT helped me.”

Proud SETT parent since 1986:
“We are SETT and that’s where it’s at. I understand what that means being a parent of a member of SETT. I saw the SETT program for the first time in 1986. I told my daughter “This is what you need.” My daughter was one of the first members of SETT. I am proud that, after 25 years, the core values of SETT have not changed. When SETT began the staff talked about teen pregnancy and abstinence only, but I’ve seen this wonderful program expand and deal with so many other issues that teens face today. When SETT began there was no reality television; no internet; no texting; no CD’s, DVD’s, Ipods, and Mp3 players. Everybody didn’t have a mobile phone, satellite television or satellite radio.

So many things have changed over the years but what has stayed consistent is the professional care and prevention services that the Director and staff deliver each and every day to Toledo’s most vulnerable group, the youth of Toledo. Since 1986 I have recruited over 50 youth to join SETT. I still volunteer daily. I call and talk to the parents of the youth in the program and advocate for SETT every chance I get. My granddaughter has since joined SETT and SHE loves it too. SETT Saves Lives!”

SETT member since 1993:
“I joined SETT as an eighth grader. My friends thought that I would never be accepted by any group. I wasn’t any good at sports and I wasn’t as popular as some of my other kids at my school. I was being teased because of my grades, which never made any sense. After all, I made the honor roll every year. After I became a member of SETT and learned new information about drugs and alcohol, I knew at that time that I would never take a drink, smoke a cigarette, or use drugs. The skits that we all helped to write made a difference in the way that I look at life. The staff taught responsibility and the kind of values that my mom taught me. After I graduated high school, I attended college and I continue to learn something new every day. SETT’s helped to shape and mold me into the person I am today. I have a great career, family life, and friends. Also, I still volunteer at SETT to mentor other youth about the dangers of drugs and violence. This is what SETT means to me.”

SETT member since 2007:
“If you ask me, I think I would be the last person that would join SETT. I’ve never been a part of any kind of group and I was very shy. I never had a lot of friends and sometimes I would get picked on. SETT came to my school in 2007 and I asked some of the members if I had to be talented or an A+ student to join. They said that all I needed was a positive attitude and be willing to try the process. I joined the next week. The program talked about teen pregnancy and how to stay safe by being abstinent. My mother thought it was a great idea to join and when the other kids found out they now follow me around asking me if they can join. No more teasing. No more being shy. SETT is for me and everybody else.”


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